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How To Install a Truck Tool Box

How To Install a Truck Tool Box

A truck toolbox is a reliable way to keep your gear with you. Not all truck toolboxes are alike, though, and to find the right fit for your truck bed, you’ll need to do a little research. Need help? We'll guide you through the installation process.

  1. Start By Finding the Right Tool Box


Lund Aluminum Truck Toolbox

Before you even think about shopping for a toolbox, you need accurate truck bed measurements to find a toolbox that fits the shape and design of your bed. Some toolboxes are custom-made for specific trucks, so make sure the design is compatible with your make and model. 

Check the size of any potential toolboxes, including the box’s cargo space, plus any dividers or other organizational features. Make sure the box can fit all the tools you need.

As part of their design, toolboxes also have different finishes, including black or diamond plates. To find a finish that compliments your truck, you need to consider all facets of your truck's appearance, including its color, bed lining, and trim.

Once you finally have a toolbox, check its fitment before starting the length installation process. A good truck toolbox sits under your window and doesn’t block your view while you drive. Ensure you can open the box without issue, and the hinges aren't blocked.

  1. Add Padding to Seal and Protect Your Paint

Owens Tool Box for Trucks

Metal toolboxes can scratch up your truck bed, or rattle around and create noise. Adding a layer of rubber padding can alleviate both of these problems. You can buy a roll of rubber padding, then cut it down and shape it with utility shears. Cover every spot the toolbox comes into contact with the truck. If your truck bed already has a full liner installed, don't worry about padding; the liner is enough.

  1. Drill Mounting Holes, as Needed

UWS Truck Toolbox tray

Check what comes with your toolbox because manufacturers usually include mounting hardware. If your toolbox includes nuts and bolts, check the back of your truck for pre-drilled holes. These holes are supplied by your manufacturer for mounting toolboxes. Remove the rubber plugs from any pre-drilled holes.

If your truck doesn’t include holes, then you’ll have to drill them yourself. Place the toolbox on top of the padding you cut. Align the toolbox with your truck bed, and with your box perfectly aligned, use a power drill and make a hole underneath each mounting hole on your toolbox. Next, place the bolts through the box and truck bed. Reach underneath the truck’s lip and screw the nut on the bolt.

  1. You can Also Use J-Hooks

UWS toolbox tool rack and holder

Some toolboxes use J-hooks for mounting instead. These “J” shaped hooks are much easier to install, and even if your toolbox includes nuts and bolts, you can buy J-hooks separately and use them instead. Line up your toolbox, attach a washer to your J-hook, and then slip the J-hook into the hole.

You’ll have to secure the J-hook next. You’ll be able to tell the hook is on the other side if you can feel it brush against the lip of the truck bed. Pull the hook up to catch it on the edge of the lip. Then keep the hook snug by sliding a washer down the hook, all the way until the washer touches the toolbox. Once the washer is secure, twist a nut down the hook, tightening it as much as possible.

After all the J-hooks are in place, check the toolbox lid and make sure the hinges move easily. If you run into any problems, you’ll have to remove the hooks and adjust the toolbox.

  1. Proper Maintenance Is Vital

Westin side over wheel well truck tool box

With these steps, your toolbox is installed! Your toolbox needs proper care to get the most out of your new equipment. Some toolboxes might include specific care instructions to help with longevity. Even without special instructions, there are general maintenance tips you can follow. For example, washing your toolbox with warm water and mild dish soap will keep it clean. Use a soft bristle scrub brush, wipe up excess water with a rag, then dry it with a microfiber towel.

Where Can I Find the Truck Bed Toolboxes?

Lucky for you, you found this blog. Truck Part Superstore has such a large selection of truck bed toolboxes that your research begins and ends here.

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